Privacy policy

The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (aka the BIFFF) is committed to respecting your privacy. We will use the information we collect in accordance with Belgian law; including the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on 25 May 2018. If you have any questions after reading this privacy policy, you can contact us at:

Rue Comtesse de Flandre/Gravin van Vlaanderenstraat 8 
1020 Brussels ‐ Belgium 
tel: +32 2 201 17 13 

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I. What information do we collect?

The personal data we collect about you includes:

  • Name, first name, age, gender, email, phone number, address
  • Transaction history
  • Details of visits to our website (traffic data)
  • The photos and videos we use for promotional purposes
  • We use personal access badges with photos (accreditations) for our volunteers, workers, the press, film professionals and subscribers to the festival pass
  • Other basic personal information you have provided to us (for example, when you give us your business card or when you send us an email)

II. How do we collect your information? A) Information obtained directly by you when:

  • You register for one of our events
  • You subscribe to our newsletter
  • You are participating in a competition
  • You submit a film or other artistic work to the festival
  • You buy a ticket
  • You make a purchase in our shop
  • You update your preferences on our website
  • You are applying for a job, an internship or a volunteer position
  • You register with us as a professional or as a journalist
  • You subscribe to a festival pass or accreditation to the festival
  • You work or are part of the team
  • You communicate with us in another way

Information obtained by external resources: We may receive information from external sources that allows us to better understand our audiences, visitors and supporters in order to improve our communication and marketing methods. These sources include: a) Cookies: Like all websites, we receive and store certain details when you use the festival website. We use cookies to help us improve our site and how you might use it. Necessary cookies: we consider that these cookies are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website and therefore cannot be rejected. After your visit to our website, they are automatically deleted, with the exception of the cookie in which your preferences are stored. Functional cookies: these cookies store your preferences (for example, your choice of language) and website activity, in order to provide you with a more personalized browsing experience. In addition, they analyze and evaluate your use of the website to improve your online experience. b) External organizations: Your information may be shared with us through our ticketing system, but only when you have indicated that you agree to receive news from us. When we organize an event in coproduction with one (or more) third parties, personal data may be shared depending on the practical organization of the event. c) Social media: We use social media to deliver messages and updates about our events and news. Depending on your settings and the privacy policies used by social media and email services such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, we may receive analytical information that does not personally identify you, but that allows us to better understand the scope and effectiveness of our advertising. These companies have committed to the GDPR. d) Publicly available information: This includes data found on publicly accessible websites and online directories but we will never use them for marketing purposes. Contact information found in a public source can be used to provide information about some of our activities. You can ask us not to receive these emails at any time.

III. Newsletters

We have a newsletter to inform you about events, activities or information on our website (e.g.: opening of the festival, beginning of the advance booking of tickets). Occasionally, we may include information from our collaborators with whom we work. To receive this newsletter, simply register via our website. At any time, you can unsubscribe by following the procedure at the bottom of the newsletter.

IV. Intermediaries and third parties

In some cases, we may have to provide your contact information:

  • If we organize an event in collaboration with another organization: to help us organize it.
  • If you have entered a contest with our partners: to receive the prizes you have won. 
  • To comply with any obligations (police and other crime protection and detection agencies or regulatory bodies)
  • To our legal advisors
  • For regulatory compliance or inspection purposes
  • On some occasions, we sell tickets on behalf of other organizations. Your name, contact details and registration of the tickets you have purchased will be visible to this organization.

V. Online shopping

Your personal data will be stored and processed on the festival’s secure systems or managed by suppliers on behalf of the festival. Whenever possible, we keep only one record for each customer. We have a contract with “SIX Payment” which takes care of all the secure online payment part.

VI. Protection of our data

All information is recorded in the databases owned by the BIFFF. It is kept at the workplace (where PEYMEY asbl is based) and is temporarily transferred to the places where the festival takes place. Databases are protected by a password. The premises where the association is located as well as those where the Festival takes place are secured. Our employees have been informed of the importance of personal data protection. Any person and organization working for the festival can have temporary access to the data. Beforehand, they must sign an amendment to their contract in which they undertake to guarantee confidentiality and data protection. In the event of loss or theft of this database, the Belgian Data Protection Authority and the concerned persons will be notified in accordance with the GDPR. We are committed to ensuring that our service providers and partners comply with the GDPR. We also collect information on how you use our services to improve our processes and communication. We record and use videos, photographs and audio files for promotional purposes on our website and social media when it is not feasible to obtain your specific consent (e.g. group photos, appearance in the background).

VII. Your rights

You can consult, modify or delete your data by sending us an e-mail at We will send them to you within a maximum of 30 days. To avoid any misuse of the system, we will ask you to prove your identity by sending us a copy of an official identity document. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter, whenever you wish, by following the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

VIII. How long your information is kept

We retain information as long as it is valid and used strictly in the course of our business in accordance with the GDPR. As mentioned above, you have the right to ask us to delete your personal data from our databases.

IX. Amendment of the regulations

We reserve the right to amend these regulations to improve and update them so as to comply with the latest regulation developments. Done in Brussels on 25 May 2018 Last update: 21 January 2019 The BIFFF and PeyMey Diffusion team